About “YUTANI”

Possiblity is there “Yutani”

When I ask myself what my starting point is now that I am fully involved in my family’s business, I think one answer is that as a person born in this land, I could not just stand by and watch the people sadly watching the traditional tea business come to an end in their generation.

Yuya Valley, the birthplace of sencha tea and once a prosperous place, is now suffering from depopulation, low tea prices due to a shift away from tea, and a shortage of successors. I would like to see this scenery and the lives of the people living there to always be there.

The tradition and culture that is being lost, and the tea business as an actual business with its blood flowing through its veins, must be kept alive and continued to be handed down.
In order to make this endeavor sustainable, we must keep a keen eye on the trends of the times and challenge all possibilities.

We also hope to please our community, our families, the people we meet as we are led, the people we have never met, and the people who have connected our culture with life since a long time ago, whom we will never meet again. Although I have not accomplished anything yet, I would like to move forward without changing my original intention.

Most beautiful and Oldest Japanese tea farm

Most beautiful and Oldest Japanese tea farm